Here sits Patient Pacifist... Up on a hill... Looking around... Humming a simple tune...

Look at the world from another perspective. Patient Pacifist takes on big issues so be prepared to be challenged but never ever ever be afraid – perhaps it's only a bit of mental yoga. Expect wordplay, alliteration (what?), self-reflection/parody (but which self?) and vocal gymnastics. Sometimes dark, sometimes romantic (but rarely), 73% humorous, a sprinkle of pop but all the times there has to be a tune. There HAS to be a TUNE.

Patient Pacifist is Daniel Harris, his voice and his guitar. The singer-songwriter lives on Dartmoor and experiments with vocal expression, tuning styles and chord structures. Inspired by nature and the irony of the human condition, Daniel navigates imagined worlds, sometimes mistaken for reality – or is that the other way around?

Songs you may hear off in the distance: Rich and Wasted, White Coates, Violence, Have I Got News for You, The Mirror, Emy and Judy, Promise is a Debt, Get Off the Planet, All in Your Mind, Red Riding Hood, Sunshine New Day, Me and the Van, Think About the Moment, They're Bloody Good, Today's Gonna Be My Day, One of These Days, The Tangle, Can You Hear Me?, Cutting Around, Waves Apart, Should I Stand?

Perhaps gobbledygook will make sense to us all in the end... perhaps now.

In progress... ;-)

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